Silicone Thoracic Drainage Tube

- 100% made of medical grade silicone, have good biocompatibility.
- X-ray opaque line throughout the tube.
- Graduation markings from 2 to 40, indicate the insertion length.
- Sterilized double package.
- Length can be customized.

REF Size Length
PD060110 10Fr 50cm
PD060112 12Fr 50cm
PD060114 14Fr 50cm
PD060116 16Fr 50cm
PD060118 18Fr 50cm
PD060120 20Fr 50cm
PD060122 22Fr 50cm
PD060124 24Fr 50cm
PD060126 26Fr 50cm
PD060128 28Fr 50cm
PD060130 30Fr 50cm
PD060132 32Fr 50cm
PD060134 34Fr 50cm
PD060136 36Fr 50cm

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